Marine Corps league Detachment #708

military order OF THE


marine corps league



The purpose of The Marine Corps League
and our Detachment is
to preserve the history and traditions of the Marine Corps; to promote the interests
of the Marine Corps;
band together in fellowship
active duty Marines and those who have honorably served in the Marine Corps;
provide charitable assistance to
our community; to promote the ideals
of American Freedom and Democracy;
to affirm true allegiance to the
American Institution and to
commemorate those cherished
happenings that we revere.

We are located in Spring Hill, Florida
which is about an hour north of Tampa
on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

We have a great organization built on the traditions of our heritage. Never a stranger has walked thru our doors, You are always welcome here to enjoy fellowship with fellow Marines.

We are a non-profit organization made-up
solely of volunteers.

Detachment #708
Phone  352 597 7979

8205 Sunshine Grove Road
Spring Hill, Florida 34613


Commandant Frank Glassford

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A special Tribute to the FMF Corpsman

The Blood AngelS!


Right after Korea in 1953 the 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company, FMFPAC can be credited with the birth of
"OORAH" in the Corps.
Specifically, where it came from was when Recon Marines were aboard the Submarine USS PERCH, ASSP-313. The Perch was an old WWII diesel boat retrofitted to carry UDT and Amphibian Recon Marines. If you remember the old war movies, whenever the boat was to dive, you heard on the PA system, "DIVE,DIVE", and you heard the horn sound "AARUGHA", like an old Model "A" horn.
Sometime in 1953 or 1954, 1st Amphibian Recon Marines, while on a conditioning run on land singing chants, someone imitated the "Dive" horn sound "AARUGHA", and it naturally became a Recon Warrior chant or mantra while on runs. It is sort of like the martial arts yell and adds a positive inference to the action. And this became part of Recon lexicon.
Former SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, John Massaro, was the company gunny of 1st Force in the late 50s and when he transferred to MCRDSD as an instructor at DI school he took "AARUGHA" with him and passed it on to the DI students and they , in turn, passed it on to recruits.
Just as "Gung Ho" became symbolic of the WWII Raiders, so did "AARUGHA" become part of the new "running Marine Corps."
Over time, "AARUGHA" EVENTUALLY CHANGED TO "OORAH". The official Marine Corps Training Reference Manual on the history of Marine Recon is titled "AARUGHA", giving credence on the orgination of the 'POSITIVE RESPONSE' accenting anything that is meant to be good and uniquely Marine Corps.
It is part of Marine Corps language, like "Pogey Bait", "SOS", etc.
Semper Fi & Gung Ho,